“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” –  James Cash Penney


  • Don’t know where
    you are headed

    We help you outline your true goals

  • Where, when and how
    to invest your money

    We simplify the jargon and help you make the best choice

  • Buried in

    We simplify your financial house

  • Debt Issues

    We make sense of both
    good and bad debt

  • Independent third party

    With only two people to make a decision sometimes you come to a deadlock, we provide a third opinion to assist you in making the decision

  • Cashflow Issues

    Ensuring you have money both for the necessities in life, but also the good things in life both now and into the future

  • Loss of income due to accident or sickness

    Helping you with a back up plan in case things go wrong

  • Inability to take action

    Human nature is to put off doing things even when we know they are important - Wealth 4 life holds our clients accountable and pushes them to achieve everything you want in life


When you first come to see us, we work with you to find out what your true goals are. We find that many people either don’t have specific goals set for themselves or the goals they have set are quite vague in nature. For example, you may come to us with the wish to retire at age 65 with $1 million dollars in investments. My question to you is, ok so at 65 we have $1 million then what?

Money is merely a means to an end. We need to know what the end actually is. Using the example above; what is it that you really want to do at 65? The reason we need to know this is because, depending on what it is you actually want to do, the $1 million may be too much money or it may not be enough.

We work with you to set clear goals for the short and long term. We then cost your goals out and work out how much money you will actually need.

At this point we look at your current financial situation and then work out the different options that you can choose to achieve your goals and then in conjunction with you, help determine which of these options to undertake.

With this approach you have ownership in the process.

At Wealth 4 Life we are in this for the long haul, we don’t set you up and then leave you on your own, we are there for you year in, year out, so that we can maximise the probability of you achieving your goals.

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