“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!” – Dolly Parton

Our clients are a wide ranging demographic from singles, couples, families and retirees


Helping Health & Wellness Professionals and Busy Couples get ahead Financially, have Better Relationships and Less Financial Stress!


Time Poor

You value your personal time and do not have enough spare hours in your day to dedicate the time needed to ensure your financial house is in proper working order.

Part of a couple who stress, fight or worry about their finances

Wealth 4 Life specialises in helping Allied Health Care Professionals and Busy Couples.


 Are you at least 5 years until retirement?

Goals Orientated

Are you serious about achieving your goals?

Producing a combined Gross Income of $120,000 or more

Is your combined gross (before tax) family income from all sources (including investment) in excess of $120,000?

A Financial Delegator

Are you happy to delegate the hours of financial research into the various financial strategies needed to achieve your goals? Including wealth protection, superannuation, investment, legislative changes, debt and cashflow management

Action Orientated

Are you willing to be a part of every major financial decision and take action in a timely matter in order to implement the strategies needed to achieve your goals?


Are you open to receiving advice and really want help to make smarter financial decisions about money?


Do you want/need to be held accountable to your financial coach over the long term in regards to achieving your goals?

The three most common reasons people do not employ a financial adviser


They think they don’t have or earn enough money to ‘do anything’. It is less than you think! See above.


Thinking it is all too hard and/or not wanting to be seen as uninformed when asking financial questions. This is what we are here for, there is no such thing as a silly question.


They don’t really know what a financial adviser does!
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